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Jersey Legacy Farms LLC
Jersey Legacy Farms LLC Gallery
Here are some images from our family farm!
Young tomato plants grow in the greenhouse.
More tomato plants grow in the greenhouse.
Dave's granddaughter checks on grape tomatoes. 2013
Young plants in the field
Rows of staked grape tomatoes.
Dave's grandson with young grape tomato plants. 2013
Clusters of sweet and delicious grape tomatoes on the vine.
Grape tomatoes in our clamshell package.  Our label is "Jersey Gems."
Special pack tomatoes
25 lb. box of round tomatoes
Michele waters plants in the greenhouse.
Grape tomato plant prior to staking.
Tomatoes are being tied up.
Look at all the tiny yellow blossoms on our 2015 grape tomatoes.
These 2015 grape tomatoes are just about ready for harvest.
In 2015, we also tried growing grape tomatoes in our high tunnels.  Here are the grandkids inside one of our tunnels.
The Tomato Gallery
Eggplants growing in the field
More eggplants growing
View across the eggplant field
Grape tomatoes grow alongside eggplants
Dave's granddaughter checks on young eggplants in the field. 2013
A new field of eggplant
Dave, Michele, and Dave's grandchildren in the Eggplant field. 2014
Marigolds border the end of this 2015 field of eggplants.
The Pepper Gallery
The Eggplant Gallery
Young pepper plants grow in the greenhouse.
Young peppers in the greenhouse
Young peppers in the field
A new pepper field (right) and eggplant field (left)
Dave and his granddaughter in the pepper field.  She's checking her new crop.
A young pepper plant grows in the field.
The Lettuce Gallery
Lettuce being transplanted in the field.
The final planting of spring lettuce is transplanted in the field.
A field of lettuce
Recently transplanted lettuce
Dave's grandson tries some of his granddaddy's butter lettuce, yum! 2013
Three generations of the Jersey Legacy family in the lettuce field. 2014
Michele and Dave check the red leaf lettuce.
Dave and his armload of various types of lettuces grown by Jersey Legacy Farms.
Boston Lettuce
Greenleaf lettuce
Redleaf lettuce
A row of redleaf lettuce plants
Romaine lettuce
The Squash Gallery
The Cucumber Gallery
Young cukes in the cold frame
A box of cucumbers
The cucumbers are starting to produce fruit.
Dave finds some early cucumbers in the field.
Michele checks her cucumbers.
In 2015, we also tried growing some greenhouse cukes.  This has made for some excellent sized and shaped cucumbers.
Young squash plants are hardened in the cold frame prior to transplanting.
Green squash starting to produce fruit.
Dave and Michele in the yellow squash field.
Dave and Michele in the green squash field.
Harvesters pick lettuce in the field.
Squash plants as far as the eye can see.
Yellow squash is about ready to harvest.
The Corn Gallery
Bicolor sweet corn is a new crop in 2015.  A limited trial was planted to see how it worked.  The corn is delicious!  This picture shows the corn field at sunset.