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Jersey Legacy Farms LLC
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About Jersey Legacy Farms LLC
Jersey Legacy Farms, LLC, a family farm, is owned and operated by David Sheppard, an 11th generation farmer, in rural Cedarville, New Jersey.  David, a Cornell University graduate, has devote his life to growing quality vegetables.  David is assisted in his farming operations by his daughter, Michele Schoen, a graduate of the University of Delaware.  All sales are done by David's son-in-law and Rowan University graduate, Fran Hancock, through his brothers' sales company, Eastern Fresh Growers.

Since our company opened its doors in 2009, we’ve increased our offerings to include numerous specialty crops. Other companies may offer fresh vegetables, but ours are always grown with the highest level of TLC.  We are certified organic by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture and are third-party audited for food safety by the United States Department of Agriculture.  Our dedication to growing organic produce will help our farm remain sustainable for generations to come.
David Sheppard
Fran Hancock Sales
The Jersey Legacy Farms Family
Michele Schoen
Building up the soil for next year--a field of clover as cover crop!